Murphy's Law

1. Wake up warm
2. Open the blinds; let the sun in
3. Smile at yourself in the mirror
4. Get ready—feel pretty
5. Talk to a stranger 
6. Give/receive compliments 
7. Take a walk
8. Be by yourself
9. Be with those you love
10. Remind your friends you love them
11. Hug them
12. Laugh
13. Fill your belly
14. Do something you love
15. Listen to an old favorite
16. Accept the day for what it is
17. Love the day

October 15th / 2 notes

My mother sat me down one night
and told me to dry my eyes.
When I said I couldn’t do it, 
she sadly asked me why. 

I told her it was because 
of the boy who broke my heart,
so she put her hands around me 
and told me where to start.

She said, “first, my dear, dry your eyes
for that crying will only stain,
your beautiful and shining face,
stop letting yourself feel pain. 

That boy is just a boy,
and even if you thought
that this boy was the one you truly loved,
surely he is not. 

If he doesn’t see what you have
it’s best he broke your heart;
it’s best he made you sad;
it’s best he isn’t smart.
It’s best he couldn’t realize 
all the great things that you hold
because there is someone else out there 
waiting to be bold.

This special man is waiting
to meet someone just as great
so he can spoil and show off
all your unique and lovely traits.

He will be the right one,
and the one that you can say
“This is the man who loves me back,
I’m going to marry him one day.”

So, my darling,
do not be sad,
for all that you did wrong
was choose someone who just isn’t ready
to help you sing your song.

So my dear, I’ll say it again,
go and dry your eyes.
For you have every reason to be happy
and every reason to want to fly.

You are beautiful and you are single
and don’t you dare ever fret it;
so go out and show the world your smile
and make him really regret it. 

Blink a few times,
and wipe your face,
let every one of your tears fade.
Get ready to step into the sun once again
and finally step out of the shade.”

I listened to mum
and went on my way,
waved him goodbye
and seized the day.

I flirted with the boys,
and danced with the men,
and never let a tear fall
over that stupid boy again.

October 14th / 0 notes

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It was half past four o’clock,
as her blonde locks
were catching autumn’s
setting rays.

She was alone.

She ran around;
up sour steps,
under frozen bars,
humming to herself,
in her own buzzing beat.

Her schoolmates surrounded her
playing similar games,
but continuing
to leave her be.

There, the mates went,
running up those same sour steps,
under those same frozen bars,
but humming to their own buzzing beats.

She giggled and jumped down.

A smile took up her face
as the setting sun shyly refused
to stop chasing her.

Because the girl with blonde locks that played alone,
wasn’t really alone. 

October 8th / 0 notes

For a girl like her—for a girl with her past—running away has been a second nature.

She was often known for running away—she ran away from her problems, from the people in her life, from all the piles of work she was thrown—she never would have guessed that what she really was running away from, was herself.

October 8th / 0 notes

My starfish.

I’m proud you have surfaced
and are once again
soaking the sun up
in large gulps
moistening each point
and each finger.

I am not proud, though
that you were down—
for so long. 

I hope you aren’t
too pruned
and too drowned
to remember
the sea urchin,
the one you met
one whole year ago.

But look at me.
One whole year later
I’m still writing poetry
about you
and your problems 
with the ocean.

The ocean;
it is too big
and full of bad choices
for a starfish,
and even one as wonderful as you are,
it can become
difficult to swim from.

Next time, though,
just swim to me. 
I’ll rescue you
and maybe this time
it’ll last 
until the ocean dries up.

October 8th / 1 note

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hard face; easy girl
"She’s a free spirit"

October 7th / 0 notes